Sites Reservoir is a generational opportunity to construct a multi-benefit water storage project that helps restore flexibility, reliability, and resiliency to our statewide water supply. Simply put, no other storage project currently under consideration in California can positively influence the operational efficiencies of our existing statewide water.

Perhaps what makes Sites Reservoir so unique is that it is not a “traditional” reservoir project. It is an off-stream facility that does not dam a major river system and would not block fish migration or spawning. Rather, Sites Reservoir offers a significant water storage opportunity that benefits both people and the environment.

Sites Reservoir captures and stores stormwater flows from the Sacramento River—after all other water rights and regulatory requirements are met—for release primarily in dry and critical years for environmental use and for California
communities, farms, and businesses when it is so desperately needed. Sites Reservoir is designed to be adaptable to a changing climate. As snowpack declines due to climate change and more of our water comes in the form of atmospheric rivers – Sites Reservoir will become even more vital to the future resiliency of our statewide water supply.

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Sites Reservoir Fast Facts

Provide water for up to 1.5 million homes and businesses for one year

Increases Sacramento Valley water storage capacity

Creates reliable supplies for environmental, agricultural, and municipal uses

29 participating agencies representing communities across California

With Sites Reservoir, there can be significant benefits for California’s communities, farms, and environment including:

Off-stream Storage

Does not create a barrier to native fish migration

Cooperative Operation

Increases effectiveness and efficiency of existing water storage infrastructure

Federal and State Agencies Manage Environmental Water

Adaptable to current and future conditions and priorities

Adaptable to Climate Change

Adaptable to Climate Change

Contributes to system reliability and performance with climate change

Local Leadership and Cooperation

Aligns with Sacramento Valley’s values and fosters regional and statewide collaboration

Dry Year Water Supply

Dry Year Water Supply

Reliable dry year water supply for California communities, farms and businesses

Recreational Opportunities

Provides northern Sacramento Valley with additional opportunities for recreation

Environmental Support

Environmental Support

Provides environmental water in drier periods for native fish, and habitat for native species and birds