About the
Tri-Valley Water Partners

The Tri-Valley Water Partners are a collaborative effort between the region’s water wholesaler, Zone 7 Water Agency and local water retailers, California Water Service (Cal Water), City of Livermore, City of Pleasanton, and Dublin San Ramon Services District, to address our collective water needs now and for future generations. In the Tri-Valley, Zone 7 Water Agency serves as the wholesale water provider, securing and importing water for the region, managing the local groundwater basin, and treating water at its two treatment plants. Residents in the cities of Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, and Dougherty Valley then receive that water directly to their taps.

Together, these agencies work to ensure the Tri-Valley area has a reliable water supply, now and in the future!


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Contact the Partners

Representatives from the Tri-Valley Water Partners are available to provide an educational presentation to groups, or individual briefings for stakeholders. Our comprehensive presentations include an overview of how water gets to your tap, as well as other water resource related information, and a Q&A session to help our community fully understand our water supply system. To request a briefing with your local water agency, complete the form below.

Tri-Valley Water 101

  • Where our water comes from
  • How our water gets here
  • Overview of the various aqueducts, aquifers, watersheds, and rivers we rely on
  • Who distributes water to the different communities in the Tri-Valley
  • The value of water

Tri-Valley Water Challenges & Solutions

  • Challenges we face that put our water supply at-risk
  • Potential solutions for securing water reliability for future generations
  • Benefits of different proposed projects
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Reach out to your local water agency.

Contact your local water utility with questions specific to your area.