The proposed Delta Conveyance Project is intended to protect and preserve a vital state water supply by guarding against disruptions caused by sea level rise, the hydrologic effects of climate change and seismic threats. The project would develop new infrastructure facilities in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta) necessary to move water as part of the State Water Project (SWP).

“Our water supply is becoming less reliable because of climate change. And our population is growing because of a strong economy. That means a lot of demand on an unpredictable supply. The status quo is not an option.”

- Governor Newsom,
2019 State of the State Address


Protect SWP water supply reliability

Address anticipated impacts of sea level rise and climate change on SWP water supplies

Minimize SWP water supply disruption due to seismic risk

Provide operational flexibility to improve aquatic conditions in the Delta



Use of design and engineering innovations have resulted in a proposed project* that is responsive to community needs and lessens environmental effects to the extent feasible.

Delta-Conveyance-MapInfographic: House with underground tunnelInfographic: Delta New IntakesInfographic: Delta Pumping Plant

*All features are related to the proposed project, the Bethany Alignment. No final decisions will be made until the conclusion of the environmental review process.


The proposed Delta Conveyance Project would help the SWP safely capture, move and store water from big, but infrequent, storm events for use in the drier times that will inevitably follow.



If the Delta Conveyance Project was operational during the high rain events of winter 2021-2022, January 2023 and Jan/Feb 2024, a significant amount of water could have been moved into the San Luis Reservoir.

Infographic: Delta Missed Opportunity

DWR is developing a Community Benefits Program for the Delta Conveyance Project which will ultimately identify and implement commitments to help protect and enhance the cultural, recreational, natural resource and agricultural values of the Delta.